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"Sound Dr Alan"

We Teach!!!

The classes are based on the belief that our students' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you one of the best service and learning opportunities in the industry.

Learn to write instrumental music straight from your heart and from the depths of your soul! Music comes from within ... it is the outward expression of what you are feeling inwardly. Music is NOT simply notes that you learn to play on your instrument. Music is basically ... SOUND!!! ... and ... "Sound is the voice of God; music is His voice interpreted!" Once you have learned to HEAR God's voice from within your inner being ... you have learned to write music!!!

What our students are saying about this class and the Instructor:

Dr. H. Alan Bailey, Sr.

"I really like this class and the Course Project! Really good teacher, and he is very positive." - V.

"Gives more of behind the scenes info for a Songwriter and Producer. Pushes me to bring the greatness out of myself!" - P.

"Makes the class very interesting and fun, and still makes his points crystal clear!" - R.

"I'm enjoying myself and learning a lot!" - D.

"Good personality. Makes me better and gives self-esteem! - T.

"If I could change anything, I would make the class longer!" - D.

Come join us in an experience of a lifetime! Register today for our Basic Instrumental Songwriting for Beginners class

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We Mix , Record and Produce!!!

Dr. H. Alan Bailey, Sr. (Alan B) has over 30 years experience in the music industry. He has been a songwriter, singer, band musician, performer, sound technician, recording engineer, just to mention a few. He has written, composed, and produced over 1000 songs, including his own albums, Alan B, Three In Me: Father, Son, Spirit, and The Naa’ledge of HUU “I AM”. He has also written two National theme songs for two Indian Nations, the Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah and the Aboriginal Moabite Nation.

Yes, Alan B, aka Damn Near Sixty, aka Sound Dr Alan, truly has done all that. As a writer, he is clearly the "Q"uincy of his time. As an artist, his smooth jazz and poetic thoughts are smooth like butter!

A son of music educators, Alan B started his musical career at the age of four when his father gave him his first set of drums. He made his first performance in a church play as the Little Drummer Boy. He played the trumpet by age seven, and began formal study of the trombone when he reached the sixth grade. He played the trombone throughout high school where he also developed his voice and began to teach himself how to play piano and other instruments. He was member of the Honors All State Chorus and won numerous awards for the next four years.

Traveling with the chorus, concert and marching bands ignited a fire in his soul that would never burn out. After his tour of duty in the United States Air Force he returned to South Carolina to pursue his musical career.

Along with his brother Greg, Alan B they started his first band called H 2 0. He performed as a horn player, keyboardist, and sang lead and background vocals. Within two years he was sought by other bands to play keyboards in their shows.

In order to gain more knowledge about the business, his friend and former Motown recording artist Robert Hoefer, got him a job as a roadie and understudy with the local band, Midnight Blue. This valuable experience enabled him to perform as a keyboardist and vocalist for The Precise Band.

After playing top 40 in venues from Atlanta, GA to Baltimore, MD for seven years, members of the band decided to branch out on their own.

Alan B settled in Maryland where he would spend the next ten years crafting his skills. He opened his own production studio, "US SO PHATT PRODUCTIONS,” and “WHAT DA WORD SAY RECORDS". He continues to write, produce, and perform his own music now under “Sound Dr Alan” as Producer, Recording and Mastering Engineer and is CEO of Eye C Records. His library consists of over 1000 songs composed over the last 25 years in the categories of R&B, Jazz, Contemporary Gospel, Rap, Dance, Pop Country, and Rock. These songs are all written, composed, arranged, and performed by Alan B.

Listeners will hear a complex artist, both musically and lyrically. Alan B takes it to that next level of perfection that many artists strive for but few ever reach! His songs take the listener through the initial intrigue, the inevitable ups and downs, funk infusion, classic urban ballads, and sensuous slow jams for married couples, all accomplished with laid-back smoothness, melodic gritty and intense grooves. "I've added a more personal flavor and depth to the music," says Alan B, who’s strong and melodious infusions are destined to become his trademark.

A short while later, Alan B returned to South Carolina where he continues to write, compose, and produce music for local independent artist and himself as well. Alan B also works as a judge and instructor for former Motown recording artist and now CEO and Vocal Coach for Pitch Doctors LLC. Alan B, as a Sound Engineer continues to stay up to date as he studies under the tutelage of Grammy Award Winning Sound Engineer Khaliq Glover.

Need improvement on your vocal technique, no problem as we partner with the South Carolina Institute For Vocal Training and Pitch Doctors, LLC

 Coach Robert will have you ready for the studio in no time!

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